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St. Oliver Plunkett’s Primary School Forkhill

P4/5 Mrs McKenna

P4/5 Mrs Mc Kenna


Living in a box!


Musical Pathways in Primary 4


Primary 4 Presents: The Story of Shakespeare


To Find or Not to Find?


This week P4 celebrated Shakespeare Week with a special book from the Shakespeare Trust. Only 154 schools were selected out of 12,000 so it was a great honour to be involved.

The children decided to leave the book in the Green Space for a passer-by to look inside the plastic wallet. Where will it end up? We can’t wait to find out!


Christmas Animations


Primary 4's Trip to Navan Fort for Poetry Week



P4's Trip to Drogheda and Newgrange Farm


Primary 4 Halloween Catwalk


Primary 4 celebrate International Credit Union Day


To celebrate International Credit Union Day the Primary 4 children went to visit the Slieve Gullion Credit Union.  This was great timing as it falls in the middle of Maths Week! Look at some of the questions the children asked:

What year was the Credit Union opened in Forkhill?

What happens if you don’t pay back your loan?

Why is five years the longest you have to pay back your loan?

What is a good reason for you to borrow money?

The children answered lots of questions to win spot prizes such as what you would borrow money for…… Ava thought it would be important to borrow for your children’s education!! When was the new pound coin introduced? What is a 12 sided shape called? What do you call people who use the Credit Union? What are people who use banks called? Just a sample of the questions asked and answered by clever P4!!!


Roald Dahl Day